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Day 1

And so it starts, the week without the boyfriend. He is leaving for a week, with his mother and brother in Dominican Republic for a vacation (they gave the trip to their mother for her 60th birthday, adorable!) But that leaves me all alone, for a week. Week, that will be long, for many reasons. Things going on with my dad, the family, school, you name it, it’s stressing me out.

All alone I will face this week, but I know that when he comes back, I know that things will get better, and I will get through this week, with no scratches and no scars, especially no scars. I will face this week with a smile, that will never falter. Maybe some tears will fall, but my spirit will never falter.

Je vais passer à travers cette semaine, avec l’espris positif et avec l’amour que tu me porte, même à distance. Je vais réussir, et avec un sourire. Et à ton retour, je vais tout te raconter comment tout c’est bien passé, mais aussi combien tu m’as manqué.

I will get through this, I know I will. Tu vas me manquer, mais c’est pas une nouveauté, mais je vais y arriver. Cette semaine va bien ce passer!

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